Some cases of Anaplasmosis have been reported in Binghamton


A tick borne disease is on the rise in Broome County, and it’s not the one you’re thinking of.

The first cases of Anaplasmosis were reported in Broome in 2017 when there were 7. Last year, that number doubled to 14 and so far this year there have already been 11. It is spread from tick bites primarily from black-legged tick and western black-legged ticks.

Early signs of Anaplasmosis begin within 1 to 5 days of a bite and include fever, severe headache and muscle aches along with nausea. Public Health Nurse Marianne Yourdon says the disease only becomes a major concern if left untreated.

“Anaplasmosis can be a concerning disease because if someone is not treated early the symptoms can get more severe and that’s a concern”

Symptoms, if left untreated, can include respiratory failure, bleeding problems, organ failure or even death. Yourdon says the death rate in the US is less than 1 percent from Anaplasmosis so if detected it is very treatable. She recommends frequent tick checks on your body when spending time outdoors, showering immediately after being out for extended periods of time, and using EPA registered insect repellents.

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