BINGHAMTON, NY – A new international tenant at the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator has chosen Binghamton as the best place to access Northeast apple farmers.

Hectre is a New Zealand-based company that sells an orchard management software platform.

Designed based on the needs and input of apple farmers, the software simplifies and automates employee management through scheduling, payroll and regulatory compliance as well as helping orchards track the inventories of their various apple varieties and plan for the harvest.

CEO Matty Blomfield says Hectre, which moved into the incubator in July, has already established partnerships with several Upstate New York apple growers.

“It’s really simplifying the job that they need to do so that they can spend more time investing their energy into the fruit itself. making sure that it’s as good as it can be,” says Blomfield.

Blomfield says the software can also be used for other tree crops.

Hectre, which was founded 3 and a half years ago, made its first foothold in the US last year in the State of Washington.

It currently has 1 employee in the incubator, Vice President of Sales Jason Hill.