VESTAL, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) A Vestal Girl Scout is on her way to receiving her Gold Award after detailing the town’s history on five different signs.

Marry Sonnen is a junior at Vestal High School and is hoping to be recognized with the Gold Award, a Girl Scout’s highest-level award.

For her project, she utilized her interest in local history, and created five separate signs that all depict a 50-year time period throughout Vestal’s history. Starting with the Pre-history of the area, detailing Native American sites within the town, the next highlights the founding of Vestal and its first 50 years, the third depicts the train wreck of 1901, the fourth shows the growth of education in Vestal, and it finishes off in present day, showcasing staple businesses in the town.

Sonnen says that she worked closely with the town and Broome County historians to gather images and focus on significant events throughout Vestal’s 200-year track record.

“I really hope it can inspire our community. I want young kids to realize history is cool, and just knowing that someone does take something away from this is so rewarding. The Gold Award is a lot of work, and that in itself is rewarding, but having the lasting impact on the community is the best feeling,” said Sonnen.

Each sign is located in a different public park in Vestal. Including Ethel Park, Memorial Park, Twin Orchards, Stair Park, and the most recent is located in Arnold Park.

You can find all of her work online by visiting