A group of Sidney School District seniors, with help from the Raymond Corporation, have developed an improved tool for recording moto-cross races.

Three seniors, Ian Howes, Riley MacPherson and Molly Youngs, are taking part in the Engineering, Design and Development (EDD) capstone class at Sidney.

As part of a semester-long project, the three created a Go-pro camera mount for moto-cross helmets.

A go-pro is a small, portable, mountable camera that is used to record videos from vantage points not typically captured with a tradition video camera.

Most moto-cross riders will record their races from their helmet, and unlike Sidney’s mount, current models on the market need to be placed in areas that obstruct the view.

“The mount is under the visor of the helmet instead of on top. That way, you don’t get the visor in the shot.  Instead, you get what’s below the rider, the bike and what’s going on around the rider. It gives the rider a better perspective,” said Howes.

The students developed a sketch, then used a 3D scanner to capture the dimensions of the helmet.

The original design only featured one leg, but it evolved to include 2 legs and a gap to better connect to the helmet.

The students did receive some help from Raymond, who let them use their 3D scanner and printer.

Raymond Manufacturing Engineer and Project Mentor Kelly DeShaw says she’s impressed with the students’ work.

“You see a lot of kids that are so bright. You follow them as freshman until now and you see some of these projects. This is completely marketable. You should’ve seen the presentation, it was so amazing to see the things they can do with this,” said DeShaw.

 The students also tested its strength and durability using a pendulum.

The project was also a winner in the STEM category during last week’s Greater Binghamton Scholastic Challenge.

They also receive 3 college credits through RIT for taking part in the class.

Howes says he’s been encouraged to apply for a patent.