BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) – Someone who wears many hats, including local nurse, community organizer, activist, therapist, and others, is being recognized as the Girl Scouts’ Women of Distinction.

Practicing Therapist and licensed nurse Shanel Boyce will be receiving the Girl Scouts’ 2023 Woman of Distinction award tomorrow morning during a breakfast event at the Double Tree in Downtown Binghamton. Boyce is a founding member of Black Women for Social Equity, is the Board President for Citizen Action of New York, and a proud mom of a girl scout.

The award is given to a woman who displays exceptional leadership and is striving to make the world a better place. Boyce says that her social work is its own reward, but it does feel nice to know that people are paying attention to her work.

“People always say we don’t do this work for the recognition, which we don’t, but it is nice to be recognized for all of the work that you have been doing. Because in this community, I have been doing for over a decade. And I came here to go to school. I came here to go to undergrad at BU and I stayed and made this my home,” said Boyce.

She says that her daughter is a girl scout, and that her troop will be presenting the colors at tomorrow’s breakfast.

All of the proceeds from tomorrow’s event will go to support Gold Award Scout scholarships.

Since she is being recognized as the woman of distinction, moving forward, Boyce will be a part of the committee that selects and votes the winner each year.