Seven-year-old has raised over $2000 for non-profits in his community


DUNDEE, NY (WETM) – At seven years old, Colt Wicker has already been a fundraiser for four years and raised over $2000 for non-profits. Talk about a resume!

“They [non-profits] think my mom and dad are going to be the ones to show up, but I am actually the one,” Colt said. When the people at these organizations see him bringing in the donations, he said, “They’re speechless.”

Wicker sets up a stand selling popcorn for two or three hours a time whenever he is raising money for donations. His dad, Brett Wicker, says that although he helps him research, Colt is the one who decides which organizations to donate to.

Most recently, members of the Tyrone Volunteer Fire Department were fortunate enough to be one of Colt’s choice non-profits. Colt funded a full set of 21 CPR masks for the firefighters. He said he chose the fire department because he is hoping to become an EMT when he grows up.

“At seven years old, he’s done a lot more than some of us have done in a whole lifetime of volunteering,” said Bill Meehan, chief of Tyrone Volunteer Fire Department.

In the past Colt has raised money for the Living Well in Penn Yan, the Dundee Central School food pantry, the Golisano Children’s hospital, the Sheriff’s camp, and the Hope Walk of Yates County.

“He’s very hard to say no to when you meet him…But when I met him raising the money in Dundee for our Sheriff’s camp I immediately had to shake his hand,” said Ron Spike, Sheriff of Yates County. Sheriff Spike said Colt raised around $400 for the kids at NYS Sheriff Summer Camp.

Colt and his family really appreciate the community for the support and all their donations. Since he has started, he has gained quite a following in the community. As a result, his popcorn sales have risen from $275 to $700 in their two-hour sessions.

“Without them, making the donation that coming out and supporting Colt, he would not be able to do what he is doing for the non for profit,” said his dad Brett Wicker.

The whole family is involved in Colt’s popcorn fundraisers. His mom makes the popcorn, Colt and his brother hand it out to customers, and his dad sorts the money.

His dad says, “Colt has a very loving and giving heart, and he would give more if he could.” Colt interrupts and says, “I would do 100 days in a row!”

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