Service upgrades (from 100-200 amp)


Most homes today are provided with 200 amps of electrical service. ‘amps’ are a measure of current, and determine, in part, how many devices your home can power. Some older homes may only have 100-amp, or even 60-amp service, and could require a panel upgrade. If you’re upgrading the electrical panel to a higher amp rating than your service, then you’ll need to upgrade your service as well. It won’t do any good to install a 200-amp panel, if you’re only getting 100 amps of service from the utility company. Both your meter and your service entrance conductor, which is the main cable from the pole, should match the amp rating of your electrical panel. Service upgrades are usually done by the electric company, along with your electrician. While you’re upgrading service, ask about other beneficial changes you might be able to make. Perhaps you can replace an overhead service line with an underground cable; or maybe you can move the meter to a less noticeable location. It all depends on local code, but you can always ask.

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