Seniors citizens still going to the polls


WASHINGTON, DC – Lawmakers say the process of voting during a pandemic can be difficult for seniors.

But many of them are still headed to the polls.

NewsChannel 34’s Basil John reports on lawmakers concerns for seniors and the virus.

With Election Day just a few days away lawmakers want seniors to cast their votes, safely.

“We’ve got to make sure we’re taking every step possible to allow them to vote as they have in so many elections,” says Senator Bob Casey.

Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey says State Election Officials have been working hard to accommodate senior voters.

“Make sure this process runs smoothly and make sure that seniors can vote in person if they want or getting their ballots in,” says Casey.

Pennsylvania Congressman Fred Keller says seniors should not be afraid to vote in person.

Rep. Fred Keller, R/PA, “Going to vote in the polling place is no more dangerous than going to the grocery store or any other place. I would just say take the same precautions.”

Keller says in his home state many voters, including seniors, have applied for Absentee Ballots.

Rep. Fred Keller, R/PA “completing it, and sending it back properly to the elections offices across our Commonwealth, people have been doing it for a long period of time.”

And Casey says the senior population will play a big role in results.

Sen. Bob Casey, D/PA “I have no doubt that seniors across the board will vote and will follow the procedures because they know what is at stake in this election,” says Casey.

Casey says any seniors who cannot drop off their ballots should ask someone they trust to do it for them.

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