BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) Local senior citizens are invited to celebrate their golden years as they walk down memory lane at the Ross Park Zoo.

The 2023 Lantern Festival season has officially begun at the Ross Park Zoo and older zoo-goers are being recognized with Senior Appreciation Night on August 13. The festival will begin at 7 p.m., and guests aged 55 or older will be receive a discounted admission fee of $15 as well as 10% off at the giftshop. There will also be a tram running with designated spots, offering those in attendance a comfortable tour of the lanterns. Visitors are also invited to participate in fun activities such as a photobooth, trivia, and a story session for those who wish to share their favorite memories from the Ross Park Zoo over the years.

The zoo plans to host a themed event every Sunday throughout the 2023 festival season, which ends in October. Upcoming events include Teacher Appreciation Night, BU Student Night, and Dino Night. Another senior appreciation event will be held on September 17.

For more information on the festival and the zoo’s upcoming events, visit