Senator’s tour focuses on the needs of cities outside NYC


ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – New York City is often times the center of attention when it comes to crafting policy at the New York State Capitol. But, an initiative is underway to focus on the needs of some of the State’s other large cities as well. 

State Senator Jeremy Cooney who chairs the Cities 2 Committee kicked off his “Regener8” tour in Albany today. In addition to this morning’s roundtable in Albany, the Democrat from Rochester will be visiting seven other cities outside the City of New York. “Over the next two weeks we’re going to be traversing across the state to not just the traditional big five cities, but also to cities both way up in the North Country and down in the Southern Tier,” Cooney said. He believes some of the common threads will include workforce development and wealth generation, digital and physical infrastructure, and downtown revitalization. 

Democrat State Senator Neil Breslin from Albany says in all of his years in the Senate he’s never been part of a meeting quite like the one today. “I salute Senator Cooney for brining us together to share ideas, to make the Upstate cities, the rest of the cities that much more viable internally and much more viable to us in the state legislature to recognize their needs, their desires and what we can do to fulfil those needs and desires,” Breslin said. 

While Governor Kathy Hochul hails from Western New York, she’s spent many of her initial days in the office, including today, in New York City. Cooney calls her a “friend to Upstate.” “She has traveled across the state of New York both Upstate and Downstate during her years as Lieutenant Governor she’s well familiar with some of these issues,” Cooney said.

After the tour concludes Cooney hopes to work with others to come up with a list of bills ahead of the legislative session which will start in January. 

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