BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – State Senator Lea Webb has decided to go beyond the traditional act of designating one woman in her district to honor during Women’s History Month, electing to recognize 11 instead.

Webb held a recognition event last week on the 18th floor of the State Office Building in Binghamton.

The honorees came from across the 52nd district which includes Tompkins and Cortland Counties and the western portion of Broome.

Webb presented certificates to the following women:

  • Binghamton City Council member Angela Riley
  • Binghamton City Council Member Aviva Friedman
  • Executive Director of the YWCA of Binghamton Carole Coppens
  • Binghamton business owner Rashuna Durham
  • SUNY Cortland educator Bekkie Bryan
  • Former Chief of Staff for Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton Linda Smith
  • SUNY Cortland Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Lorraine Lopez-Janove
  • Executive Director of GIAC Leslyn McBean-Clairborne
  • President of Tompkins Cortland Community College Amy Kremenek
  • President of Ithaca College La Jerne Terry Cornish
  • Ithaca College professor Nia Nunn.

Webb said she had difficult choices to make.

“I feel that I’m very blessed to know women across the Senate district that I refer to as ‘unsung sheroes’ who you would never know the amount of work that they do behind the scenes. And they don’t do it for recognition. They do it because they genuinely care about the community and making sure that everyone has equitable access to resources.”

According to Webb, she plans to recognize the achievements and contributions of women in her district throughout the year, not just during Women’s History Month.