Senate Republicans counteroffer Biden’s infrastructure plan


WASHINGTON, DC – Senate Republicans have come back with a counteroffer to President Biden’s infrastructure plan.

Their $928-billion-dollar offer includes funding for roads, bridges and broadband…but is much less than the $1 point 7 trillion the White House is asking for.

As NewsChannel 34’s, Kellie Meyer reports the President is continuing his push to Congress to get on board with his plan.

“If you’re going to take credit for what we’ve done. Don’t get in the way of what we need to do,” says President Biden.

President Joe is issuing a stark warning to Republicans who stand in the way of his infrastructure goals.

“We’ve had a lot of good dialogue with the White House,” says Senator Shelley Moore-Capito.

His response comes after GOP senators issued a 928-billion-dollar counteroffer to his 1 point 7 trillion dollar infrastructure plan.

The Republican proposal includes $506 billion for roads and bridges, $72 billion for water infrastructure ..$65 billion for broadband.

And a big sticking point for GOP senators—

“Sticking to core physical infrastructure,” says Moore-Capito.

Republicans made clear the President’s plan to raise to corporate taxes—is a nonstarter.

Writing in a memo to the President “we made clear as a Conference we will not revisit the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs.”

“We believe that the 2017 tax reform contributed significantly to enabling us to achieve the best economy of my lifetime,” says Senator Pat Toomey.

Republicans want to pay the plan by repurposing unused COVID-19 relief dollars.

The White House doesn’t feel there is money left to spend.

“If the White House is saying that money has been spent than they need to show us that,” says Toomey.

And today the President is expected to introduce his budget for 2022 – which includes his infrastructure plan. It is expected to top former President Trump’s 4 point 8 trillion proposal from last year

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