ALBANY, NY – The push to pass federal voting rights legislation by Christmas has it a wall on Capitol Hill.

Despite renewed calls to get the bills across the finish line, moderate Democrats are still resisting

As NewsChannel 34’s Raquel Martin shows us, Democratic leadership promises not to give up.

Facing mounting pressure from Civil Rights Groups Thursday, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed to pass voting rights legislation in the Senate in time for the 2022 Midterm Elections.

“This matter is too important not to act,” says Schumer.

However, that commitment falls short of recent calls to pass voter protections by Christmas.

“We must act now.”

Tuesday, Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock said despite the objection from Moderates, Democrats should alter Senate rules to pass two voting rights bills after doing just that to raise the debt ceiling.

“I believe we are there, I believe it is worth it.”

New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand says the drastic option is necessary to stop a wave of voter suppression laws across the county.

“I understand the consequences are that Mitch McConnell will want to change the rules when he’s in charge he will do that anyway,” says Gillibrand.

Right now Senate Republicans are slamming Democrats’ renewed calls to force voting rights legislation through.

“It’s beyond absurd.”

Senate Republicans already blocked voting rights legislation 3 times this year.

Thursday Senator Mitch McConnell said the Senate rules must be preserved to protect Americans from a liberal power grab.

“We have discussed over and over again why Democrats will not be allowed to federalize our elections// like a board of elections on steroids,” says McConnell.