Second Amendment defenders oppose gun restrictions


The new gun restrictions are not sitting well with defenders of the Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Michael Vasquez of Binghamton is a political commentator who has extensively researched gun control issues.

He says the Red Flag law takes away any due process for a gun owner and could lead to authorities also seizing a person’s children.

Vasquez cites a report following the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that recommended arming teachers.

And he says women who want to protect themselves from rape and domestic violence shouldn’t have to wait 30 days to arm themselves.

Vasquez says the laws will have no affect on criminals. “We’re talking about something that only affects law-abiding citizens.  In fact, every one of these laws that they’re passing today, strip away the emotion and look at it, what’s disincentivizing any criminal? What’s making it harder or worse for criminals to do something? In fact, none of them.”

Vasquez says the state’s previous gun control effort, 2013’s SAFE Act has failed at reducing gun crime.

He says the state’s Gun Involved Violence statistics show an increase of 11% in Greater Binghamton since the law was enacted.

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