BINGHAMTON, NY – A sculpture is being installed at the Urban Farm in Binghamton in honor of a cherished community member

Volunteers Improving Neighborhood Environments, otherwise known as VINES, is inviting the community to join together on Saturday, May 28th, at 11 a.m. for the unveiling of a sculpture in honor of Merry Harris. Harris had many roles around Binghamton, such as Executive Director of the Discovery Center, City of Binghamton’s Economic Development Director, and a leading VINES volunteer.

Merry believed that soil under fingernails and dirty knees were evidence of time well spent. Executive Director of VINES Amelia LoDolce says, “Merry was a really strong female leader in our community. Watching her over the years, seeing how she navigated male dominated spaces was very inspiring to me and also educational for me. She had strong beliefs and a passion for supporting this community and she didn’t let things stand in her way.”

The sculpture is titled Patterns and it was crafted by Robert Griffith. It is one of five replica sculptures that will be placed around the country in memory of Merry Harris.