Scott Mawhiney Trial day 2


BINGHAMTON, NY – The trial of the Deposit man charged with shooting a State Trooper back in June continued today in Broome County Court.

Scott Mawhiney is accused of wounding Trooper Ryan Thorp in the arm during a domestic violence call.

The prosecutors called a few different witnesses up to the stand today.

One of them being Doctor Alexander Kaminsky with UHS.

Kaminsky is a reconstructive and plastic surgeon.

He got a call the night of June 23rd asking him to report to Wilson Hospital for a cop related shooting.

Kaminsky was in charge of examining Trooper Thorp’s right arm and determining where the wounds were and if any bone was hit.

2 large incisions were made on Thorp’s right arm, one above the elbow and one below it, the surgery was successful.

Next witness was Investigator David Sersen who took a drone image showing the distance from the kitchen window Mawhiney allegedly shot from and Thorp’s patrol car.

Sersen testified that the distance was about 25 yards.

Senior Investigator for the N-Y-S Police Sara Stedman was called up next.

Stedman reported to 10 Sunrise Terrace at around 8:24 A-M on June 24th.

She and her team took pictures and notes of everything they saw in and outside the home.

She noted both the kitchen window, and back door window, leading out to the porch were shattered from the inside.

She collected close to 20 live rounds during the search and some plastic wadding outside.

3 live rounds were found where the shotgun was left on the couch from the night before, 2 rounds were in the magazine itself and one was under the couch cushion.

When the defense went to cross-examine Stedman, things got a little heated between Judge Kevin Dooley and Mawhiney’s attorney, Ron Benjamin.

Dooley threatened to jail Benjamin for 30 days for yelling in the courtroom.

Trial resumes tomorrow morning.

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