Scott Mawhiney trial closing arguments


BINGHAMTON, NY – The trial of a Deposit man accused of shooting a New York State Trooper is now in the hands of a jury.

Scott Mawhiney is charged with attempted murder for allegedly shooting Trooper Ryan Thorp in the arm while the officer was responding to a domestic violence call back in June.

After a 4 day trial, District Attorney Mike Korchak and Defense Attorney Ron Benjamin both spoke to the jury for the last time.

Benjamin spoke to the jury first.

The main point he was trying to get across was that while his actions may have been reckless, Mawhiney had no intent to cause harm to Thorp or any individual that night.

He also hammered home the claim that Mawhiney was highly intoxicated and had no recollection of much of what happened that night.

Benjamin claims that prior to June 23rd, Mawhiney has been a law-abiding and hard-working citizen his whole life.

He asked that the jury find him not guilty on all charges, except assault because they acknowledge that Mawhiney shot the bullet that struck Thorp.

Korchak was up next.

He came prepared with a power point breaking everything down for the jury.

His main point is that Mawhiney knew what he was doing the whole night.

Korchak used texts that he sent that night to prove his point.

Korchak asked the jury to find him guilty on all counts, because the prosecution believes Mawhiney intended to kill Trooper Thorp that night.

After closing arguments, Judge Kevin Dooley gave instructions to the jury about how to deliberate.

Mawhiney is facing several charges including, attempted murder, assault, possession of a firearm and harassment.

The jury appeared to be close to a verdict but nothing was decided yet as of 4:15 Friday evening.


At around 5:15 P.M. the jury had a verdict.

The jury finds Scott Mawhiney guilty of attempted murder of a New York State Trooper.

He was also convicted of aggravated assault of a police officer, a guilty misdemeanor criminal possession of a weapon and a harassment violation.

Amber-lynn Yesalusky, Trooper Ryan Thorps wife, gave a statement to NewsChannel 34 after the verdict.

“It was fear of the unknown, all I knew was that he was shot and I thought I had lost my husband the night of the 23rd. I was 9 months pregnant with our second child at the time and I thought I was going to have raise two children alone. All this week I was aggravated that he was saying he didn’t know what he was doing that night. He was using alcohol as a scapegoat, basically saying, because he drank that made it okay. I was more angry than anything,” says Yesalusky.

Thorps family also told NewsChannel 34 they were relieved after the verdict came out.

Mawhiney has since been arraigned to the Broome County Jail and sentencing is scheduled for February 4th.

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