After narrowly edging out his opponent in an election that was originally to close to call, Republican Tom Scanlon was sworn into Binghamton City Council Tuesday.

The Republican was sworn-in by Judge Rick Miller, a longtime family friend.

He will serve the 7th district, representing Binghamton’s East Side.

Scanlon defeated Democrat Justin MacGregor, who was appointed after Bill Berg resigned.

Scanlon says he wants to focus on crime and blight.

He says he’s eager to get to work.

“I’m excited to get started at City Council. It’ll be a challenge and there will be a learning curve. But, I’m excited to get involved to see where we can move forward as a city,” said Scanlon.

The Republican says he wants to address city code issues as well.

Scanlon previously served for eight years on the Binghamton School Board.

He also worked for two years on the city planning commission.

Since he was elected to City Council, he will no longer serve those positions.