BINGHAMTON, NY – A very special duo made the trip south before their busy season approaches.

Santa and Mrs. Claus stopped by the American Red Cross in Johnson City
on Giving Tuesday to give one of the most important gifts possible.

The pair donates about four times a year, and this time they gave platelets, which is a longer process.

Mrs. Claus says that the Red Cross had friendly staff who are more than happy to help.

Both Santa and Mrs. Claus agree that blood can be one of the best gifts of all, as each donation has the potential to save lives.

“Everybody has known somebody, maybe their a cancer patient or maybe they’ve known somebody who has been in a car accident and you just want to make sure that blood is there for the person when they need it,” says Mrs. Claus.

And yes for all those wondering, giving blood is a sure fire way to get on the nice list.

If you’re interested in donating yourself, visit