Rudy Giuliani says his son Andrew is the right man for the job to turn around New York State.

The former Mayor of New York City will be in Endicott on Sunday to introduce Andrew Giuliani at the first campaign rally of Andrew’s campaign for New York Governor.

Rudy says Andrew has always been interested in policy and governing over politics and that Andrew learned a lot while working in the White House as an aide to President Donald Trump.

Rudy says his top priorities are to combat crime in the state, promote school choice initiatives and legalize fracking in New York.

Rudy says if natural gas is going to continue to be used in the United States for the time being, New Yorkers, especially those in the areas above the lucartive Marcellus Shale, should benefit from its extraction.

“Why shouldn’t we get the benefit of it? Why shouldn’t our people get wealthier? Why shouldn’t our economy become stronger? Why shouldn’t we be independent so we can determine our own future? And don’t we do it cleaner? You’re darn right we do,” he said.

Rudy says his son Andrew is not running away from his association with President Trump as others have.

Andrew says Trump has chosen not to endorse a candidate in the Republican primary which is June 28th.

Sunday’s rally takes place at George W Johnson Park on the Northside of Endicott at 2 p.m.

Rudy also has a podacst that he records several times a week that can be found at