BINGHAMTON, NY – NewsChannel 34 has been provided an update in the Ron Benjamin case reported last week.

Prominent Binghamton attorney Ron Benjamin is being sued by a former client alleging, among other things, that he sexually assaulted her back in 2017.

Benjamin insists that the woman is lying and he asserted that the Syracuse law firm representing her, Costello, Cooney and Fearon, was engaged in a conspiracy with a Binghamton area firm to retaliate against him after Benjamin won a case against them.

In July, Benjamin sued Costello, Cooney and Fearon, however 2 months later a judge dismissed the lawsuit saying it lacked factual support and was an effort to interfere with the action his former client had taken against him.

Benjamin tells NewsChannel 34 that he has filed a notice of appeal of the judge’s decision to toss his suit against Costello, Cooney and Fearon. Benjamin says he’s looking to recover monetary damages to compensate him for having to spend time fighting what he calls a frivolous lawsuit against him.

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