SYRACUSE, NY – The Roman Catholic Diocese of Syracuse has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this morning.

Almost 100 lawsuits involving sexual abuse of children have been filed against the Diocese, as a result of the New York Child Victims Act, and more are expected to follow.

The alleged cases of abuse span from 1949 to the 1990’s.

There is an estimated total of 37.7 million in assets and 37.8 million in liabilities.

Bishop Douglas Luca says that it is only the Diocese filing, and parishes and schools within it are separate entities.

He says the decision was made not only because of the high case number, but also in order to compensate all victims fairly.

“As your bishop, I must again apologize. I can’t apologize enough for the heinous acts that were perpetrated against the young of our Diocese, and ask you to all join me in our Diocesan commitment that these acts will never take place again,” says Lucia.

More than two dozen Catholic Dioceses and Archdiocese across the country have filed for bankruptcy, including the Diocese of Buffalo and the Diocese of Rochester.

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