BINGHAMTON, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) Though Serlingfest is not returning to Binghamton this year, a local museum is still looking to honor one of science fiction’s most influential men in his hometown.

The Bundy Museum and Rod Serling Archive are hosting a two-day Rod Serling Legacy Conference on September 1 and September 2. The conference will pay tribute to the mastermind behind “The Twilight Zone” and all of his other creative works. Those in attendance will be able to learn about Serling’s life and legacy though guest speakers, presenters, and historians. Guests will also be able to enjoy a Q and A session and presentation of Serling’s “A Storm in Summer.”

Binghamton has a rich history of honoring the genius of playwright and producer, Rodman “Rod” Serling. The six-time Emmy winner spent his childhood in the Southern Tier, attending Binghamton High School, and was said to be extremely fond of the area. Serling’s influence is greatly represented across Binghamton with the Day of a Playwright exhibit and a star on the Wall of Fame at the Forum Theatre, The Rod Serling Bandstand as well as the carousal at Recreation Park, Binghamton High School’s Rod Serling School of Fine Arts, and many more. A variety of his material, works, and other relating artifacts are also showcased at the Bundy Museum’s Rod Serling Archive, in an effort to preserve his legacy and educate the community on his cultural impact.

The Rod Serling Archive opened in 2015 in the annex of the Bundy Museum. The archive is open to public and free with the Bundy Museum tour. The archive hosts many events, workshops, and educational opportunities in order to engage the community in Serling’s work. The archive is also home to many rare and unique items such as Serling’s personal letters, scripts, videos, and more.

To learn more about the two-day conference and the Rod Serling Archive, visit