BRIGHTON, NY – A decision made by a Rochester-area elementary school made a decision over the holidays is getting national attention.

Council Rock Primary School in Brighton made the decision to leave out the classic holiday song “Jingle Bells” this year, as it could have dark origins, according to the Associated Press.

The superintendent for the district, Kevin McGowan, says the song was preformed at minstrel shows in the 19th century, by white actors in blackface.

After receiving feedback by the Rochester Beacon, McGowan wrote a letter on the school’s website last Tuesday, standing by the decision.

McGowan says the choice was not “liberalism gone amok” or “cancel culture at its finest,” rather a decision made by staff to respect all students and encourage diversity.

He goes on to say that “a song so closely related to a religious holiday that is not celebrated by everyone in our community was not likely a song that we would have wanted as part of our school curriculum in the first place.”