WHITNEY POINT, NY – State Senate candidate Rich David is calling on Governor Hochul to rethink a recent recommendation regarding farm-workers’ overtime pay.

David, who is running for the newly drawn 52nd district, joined State Senator George Borrello at Price Farms in Whitney Point, to oppose a recent proposal by the Farm Laborers Wage Board.

The wage board has proposed to lower the threshold for overtime hours for farm workers from anything above sixty to forty.

A seventh generation farmer, Scott Glezen says that making ends meet is hard enough already. He says that the farming industry is shrinking rapidly and that this overtime proposal is just another deterrent.

Seventh Generation Farmer Scott Glezen says, “I think people need to get out and talk to some of these employees and realize it is hurting them more than it’s helping them. And not talk to them while I’m around, not talk to them while other employers are around, go be a human being and talk to these people and see what their real needs are.”

Glezen says that farm work cannot be tied to the number of hours in a day, and he says most workers want to work as many hours as they can.

David says that between 2012 and 2017, the state has lost over two thousand farms.
That equates to roughly 300,000 acres of farmland.

The overtime proposal is also opposed by the New York Farm Bureau.

David will face the winner of a Democratic primary between former Binghamton City Councilwoman Lea Webb and Ithaca attorney Leslie Danks Burke.