BINGHAMTON, NY – Students in a culinary arts program are getting ready to create unique food items to hopefully impress a local restaurant.

Restaurant Wars is returning to Broome-Tioga BOCES.

Representatives from 3 restaurants, P.S. Restaurant, Beer Tree and McGirk’s Irish Pub met with students in the progam today.

Students were split into groups, assigned one of the 3 restaurants and then learned what it takes to make a menu item.

Senior at Owego Free Academy, Thomas Divers, was placed in a group with Beer Tree and says he’s excited for the competition.

“I was learning a lot about the ins and outs of a business and how market prices work and how busy it will be all day with seating 400 people,” says Divers.

Each group is responsible for creating one entree and then either a dessert or an appetizer.

Divers adds that his group is thinking of making either a flat bread or pizza and then a caramel apple pie for dessert.

Owner of P.S. Restaurant, Sylvana Dodd, says she can tell her group of students are imaginative and creative.

“The dish needs to be, obviously creative, not over complicated, all the components need to work together well. It needs to be something that can be executed in the kitchen on a busy night easily,” says Dodd.

She adds that what her group has planned may just make it to the P.S. menu, which she is excited about.

The 3 restaurants will return to BOCES in March for Tasting Day.

Which is when each group will present the items that they chose to make.