Republicans call for COVID-19 origin investigation


WASHINGTON, DC – Republican lawmakers say they are determined to get to the bottom of how COVID-19 originated.

NewsChannel 34’s Reshad Hudson has more.

“House Republicans will not rest until China is held accountable for their role in the COVID-19 virus outbreak,” says Elise Stefanik.

House Republicans are calling on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to hold hearings on the origin of COVID-19.

“Why would Speaker Pelosi want to try to cover up for what China did?” says Steve Scalise.

Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise, and New York Congresswoman Elise Stefanik say Republicans will next week begin their own investigation into the origin of the virus.

The Republicans released an eight-point plan that includes hearings into China’s role in the spread of the virus and declassifying information related to the pandemic.

“What really happened, how did this start? And if it did start in that lab how it started in the lab. Was it intentional, even if it was an accident,” says Scalise.

“They want to point fingers, but they are not moving toward accomplishing anything,” says Senator Sherrod Brown, “The focus needs to be how do we get more people vaccinated? How do we get this Coronavirus behind us?”

Brown agrees that the country should eventually get to the bottom of where COVID-19 came from but shouldn’t race to score political points.

Last month President Biden announced he ordered US Intelligence Agencies to take 90 days to investigate and report back to him on the origin of the coronavirus.

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