CHENANGO FORKS, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) In a surprise move, two political adversaries are coming together over an endorsement in the race for Broome County District Attorney.

Longtime Republican community activist and staunch Donald Trump supporter Vic Furman is supporting progressive Democrat Matt Ryan in his bid for D.A.

The two men have often sparred on WNBF radio and on other platforms on a range of issues, particularly fracking, which Furman supports, and Ryan opposes. But Furman says he’s concerned that Sheriff Fred Akshar’s vocal, public support of Republican candidate Paul Battisti would make Battisti beholden to the Sheriff should he win.

“If he wins the election, he’s going to owe the Sheriff a lot of favors. It’s important that the community isn’t run by favorites, but it’s run by the rule of law. And I had a conversation with Matt Ryan. He plans to run the office not based on color, race, creed, social status. He’s going to run it based on the crimes and that’s what it should be,” said Furman,

Battisti defeated current D.A. Mike Korchak in a primary in June.

Ryan says the public should be concerned about Battisti’s many alliances with and endorsements from law enforcement. Ryan says it could impact the D.A.’s ability to investigate and prosecute police misconduct and even influence Battisti’s ability to take a critical look at how police conduct their investigations. Ryan says the best candidate should be determined by qualifications and their principles, not political party.

“It shouldn’t be political, I agree with Mike Korchak who says this shouldn’t be about politics. It’s a different kind of office. If you inherently make it about politics by these kinds of alliances, then it’s not good for the integrity of the office,” said Ryan.

The two men chose to announce the endorsement at Davy’s Last Chance Saloon in Chenango Forks because of their personal history there. 9 years ago, the men got into a heated argument at the bar that led to some minor pushing and shoving that received a lot of public attention. They say they put that behind them a long time ago, and while they still disagree on many issues, they are united for the D.A,’s race.

NewsChannel 34 reached out to representatives of Battisti and Akshar but neither chose to comment.