ARLINGTON, VA – The remains of a Binghamton soldier who died in World War 2 will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Private First Class Morris Swackhammer was part of the 36th Infantry Division that landed in the South of France in August 1944.

While driving east toward Germany, Swackhammer was struck by a spray of bullets from a German machine gun on November 22nd of 1944. His squad initially recovered his body but had to abandon it while retreating from German forces during a heavy firefight in a wooded area northwest of Fraize in the Alsace region. Later, when Fraize was liberated, Swackhammer’s body could not be found.

The following year, U-S personnel recovered an unidentified body from a cemetery in Fraize which was relocated to the Ardenns American Cemetery in Belgium. While officials suspected that the remains might be Swackhammer, it was only last year that they were positively ID’ed using DNA and dental records.

He will receive a graveside service when he is interred at Arlington on June 28th.