CORNELL, N.Y. (WROC) — The $25,000 Breast Cancer Coalition grant was awarded on Tuesday to a PhD student at Cornell.

The trainee grant is named in memory of Dr. Pamela Polashenski, a former physician and board member who passed away from breast cancer in December.

The grant is going to a cancer research trainee by the name Sangwoo Park, a PhD student at Cornell University, who has been studying cancer research for a total of seven years.

“I’m working on developing new therapeutics to target breast cancer,” Park said. “So most of the grant will be used for purchasing the cell lines, like breast cancer cell lines. And also, it supports my tuition.”

He said his interest in cancer research began when working with a stage four cancer patient.

“At that time there was nothing I could do for him other than just supply oxygen and measure the blood pressure,” Park said. “So I felt very useless. At that moment I wanted to do something for cancer patients with my physics background because my major was physics.”

 Park said all of his research will take place at Cornell University.