Quick action by deputies on scene of shooting gets Trooper Seager to hospital faster


TOWN OF COLESVILLE – Trooper Seager is in safe hands now at Wilson Memorial Hospital thanks to the quick action of the officers on the scene.

According to Broome County Sheriff’s Office, deputies quickly applied first aid before transporting her in a patrol car due to the delayed response time of an ambulance.

It was pitch black and very foggy when the shooting occurred in a remote part of the Town of Colesville.

The Sheriff’s Deputies were originally dispatched to a call about a man who was acting suspicious in the roadway.

Investigators believe he ran into a nearby home and came out with a long gun.

Seager was responding as well to provide assistance and was first on the scene.

The deputies arrived after she was shot and helped to extricate her from the situation.

Captain Kate Newcomb says that the officers responded as they were trained, despite the high stress and emotions surrounding the incident.

“These officers that were on the scene performed flawlessly, they worked together, they loaded her into the ambulance, all while not knowing where the gunman was. And all the while there were some shots being fired, so you can imagine, very high intensity,” she said.

Newcomb says the deputies arrived at what was still an active situation so they had to brave great danger in order to rescue Seager.

Because the shooting is still under investigation, the names of the deputies who came to her aid are not yet being released.

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