BINGHAMTON, NY – Governor Hochul has a proposal out to name University of Buffalo and Stony Brook as “flagship institutions,” however this leave two local politicians concerned.

Senator Fred Akshar and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo sent a letter to Hochul yesterday addressing their issue with those two being named flagship institutions.

This proposal would elevate two of the four SUNY University Centers, putting Binghamton University and the University at Albany at a disadvantage in terms of research grants and student recruitment.

The letter sent to Hochul goes on to say that they are not opposed to the flagship idea, however they request that if the SUNY system continues down this path, that all four University Centers receive this designation, or none at all.

Binghamton University provided the following statement:

We thank the Assemblywoman and Senator for their advocacy on this issue. Binghamton is proud of its reputation and its accomplishments. We also recognize the significant contributions of all of the SUNY Centers. While we understand the desire to name a flagship, we will continue to provide a quality higher education experience and maintain our premier reputation regardless of what transpires with this discussion. We look forward to working with the Governor and all of the SUNY campuses to strengthen the entire SUNY system and maintain its reputation as one of the country’s largest and finest higher education systems.