JOHNSON CITY, NY – An annual job fair that targets not only job seekers in the Binghamton area, but college students and high school juniors and seniors, took place today.

The Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce holds two job fairs a year.

One in September and one during the week in between Christmas and New Years.

This one, the Project Homecoming Job and Career Fair, is an important one because when people return to the area for holidays, maybe they will find a job that interest them and eventually bring them back to the area.

Chief Operating Officer for the Chamber, Amy Shaw, shares why in person job fairs are crucial.

“It’s a chance for you as a job seeker to stand out. You’re not just submitting an online application you’re not just emailing a resume, you’re making direct contact,” she said.

Shaw added that there are currently 4,000 open positions in the county.

Thirty-seven companies were there from various industries such as, health care, high tech, finance, education and more.

If you were unable to make it today, visit and a list of all the open positions will be there.