ALBANY, NY – After the Court of Appeals Ruling, there is still much uncertainty when it comes to what senate and congressional maps will ultimately look like.

It’s also unclear how much of an additional cost the congressional and state senate primaries would have if they do get pushed back in August.

NewsChannel 34’s Jamie DeLine has the story.

The primaries for Congress and New York State Senate will likely get pushed to back to August, while the rest of the races are still set for June 28th.

The League of Women Voters is now advocating for all of them to be pushed back.

“To have a second primary is just ridiculous and it would cost the tax payers money, plus there is voter fatigue. Getting people to vote on primaries is often difficult anyway. So why make them do it in June and August. Let’s just move it all together and do it in August.”

When asked, New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy said at this point, he doesn’t think it’s feasible to do that.

“While it might seem cumbersome to have two primaries, it would be very cumbersome to start all the processes over with.”

One source telling me there isn’t any talk whatsoever in the state legislature of having all primaries being held on the same day.

So how much does it cost to have a primary in New York State? The state board of elections gives us an estimate.

“The number we throw around for a full statewide primary is somewhere between
$25-$30 million dollars. But because this would be a district by district primary, and not every district will have a primary, it’s going to be some lesser number, or a subset of that number. There will not be a primary in every congressional district and there won’t be a primary in every state senate district.”

I’m told for the most part, primaries are paid for by county tax payers.

Without the new maps, it’s unclear how much additional money this could cost counties like Albany.

“Albany County pays out money initially, but the cities and towns are charged back for those costs. So that could potentially bust the budgets of a lot of the cities and towns in the county.”

The new Senate and Congressional maps are expected to be issued by May 20th.

Reporting in Albany, I’m Jamie DeLine.