Preventing a freeze


Freezing pipes are not uncommon to those who live in climates that reach freezing temperatures. Pipes located in exterior walls, crawl spaces and attics are vulnerable to freezing if there isn’t enough insulation surrounding them. When a pipe freezes, a plug of ice forms in a small section and begins to expand against the walls of the pipe. In most cases the pipe will rupture, which can cause flooding. You can guard against this problem by making sure your pipes are properly insulated. There are several ways to do this, the easiest and most efficient way to this is with the use of ‘pipe jackets.’ Pipe jackets are easy to use and can be purchased at hardware stores or plumbing suppliers. Other preventive measures, especially if you don’t have access to the plumbing system under your house, include leaving closet doors open and opening several faucets, allowing them to slow drip. This keeps water flowing through your pipes and prevents water from sitting long enough to freeze.

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