ENDWELL, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – A group of Christians held a solemn procession to Homer Brink Elementary today to say prayers in response to the After School Satan Club.

About a dozen people gathered at the Church of Christ on Hooper Road in Endwell and then walked to the school carrying images of Jesus and rosary beads.

They prayed for the students who might take part in or be influenced by the Satan Club which is scheduled to begin next week.

The group also sought to cast out demons from the school.

Participant D.J. Scripsetzer, who did not speak on behalf of the group, said he doesn’t believe the club should be banned but rather the students prayed for.

“We’re in a time of deliverance ministry. That’s a really needed ministry, the deliverance ministry. Let people do what they do, and D.J. and all my brothers and sisters will be here to pray them out of their nonsense. Someone prayed me out of my nonsense. He held my hand and he prayed and I prayed with him.”

The After School Satan Club is organized by The Satanic Temple which was invited to the school by a Homer Brink parent in response to an existing Good News Club which is a Christian-affiliated afterschool program.

The Satan Club is scheduled begin on Thursday March 16th, offering students science and community service projects, puzzles and games, nature activities, arts and crafts and snacks.

The Maine-Endwell School District said it does not support the club but that it would have to ban all activities by outside organizations if it were to disallow the Satan Club.