BINGHAMTON, NY – A Binghamton University student received a shocking package in the mail this week, a heavily damaged box containing human remains destined for someone else.

The BU Junior, who asked that we only refer to her by her initials B.A., came home to her Binghamton apartment Tuesday night to find the mangled box had been delivered by FedEx that day.

On it was a label with her name and address as well as stickers indicating it contained cremated remains.

The tracking number on the FedEx label matched that of an Apple charger that B.A. was expecting to be delivered the following day.

On further inspection, there were United States Postal Service labels showing that the package had been mailed from a funeral home to a family in Auburn.

Through a tear in the box, B.A. could see that the urn inside had broken and ashes were spilling out of the package.

She was ultimately able to contact the family in Auburn who had been waiting 8 days for the remains of their sister to arrive.

They made arrangements to come and pick them up today.

B.A says the entire experience terrified her.

“It’s not okay and I don’t wish for this to happen to anyone else. It’s not an experience that anyone should experience. It’s very traumatic. And I hope today when this family comes, we can both find closure for this incident,” says B.A.

B.A. says she’s had trouble sleeping due to the ordeal and is seeking counseling.

Another postal service label shows that the package cost $171 to send.

Meanwhile, B.A. still has not received her Apple charger.

She hopes that someone is held responsible for the disrespectful way in which the remains were handled.

A United States Postal Service spokesman issued the following statement in response:

“First and foremost, the Postal Service offers our deepest condolences to the family and we are grateful to hear the package was returned to them.

Let me assure you that the Postal Service does its utmost to ensure these packages are handled properly and with respect. In the very rare instance a package of this sensitive nature is found to be misdelivered, we will reach out to our shipping partners, our own staff, and funeral provider to investigate.

Information about the process to package and ship cremated remains is available on our website at”