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ALBANY, NY – There are about two months left in New York’s 2021 legislative session.

As NewsChannel 34’s Corina Cappabianca shows us, there are some remaining bills that lawmakers will consider during the final days.

With a Democratic Supermajority in both legislative chambers this session, lawmakers have passed measures from legalizing recreational marijuana to limiting solitary confinement.

A big push from progressives heading into the final weeks is parole reform including Elder Parole and Fair & Timely Parole bills.

There’s also the ‘End Predatory Court Fees Act.’

It would get rid of court fees, mandatory minimum fines, and incarceration because of unpaid fees.

((Yuh-Line Niou, NYS Assembylmember))
We are trapping people in a very disastrous cycle of poverty. These fines, fees, surcharges. The cost to an individual who cannot afford these things is detrimental.

A controversial bill that’s been talked about for a few years now is Medical Aid in Dying.
It’s been opposed by pro-life groups.

But, that hasn’t stopped many states from enacting the law.

((Corinne Carey, Compassion & Choices))
Legislatures across the country are moving bills that would authorize medical aid in dying for their residents. Nevada, Connecticut, Rhode Island. And likely movement in Delaware and Massachusetts. New Mexico just became the 10th state to authorize this option just two weeks ago.

As the session winds down, Republican Assemblymember Josh Jensen says he’d like there to be a focus on more help for small businesses, preparedness for kids to be in the classroom for September, and addressing violent crime.

((Josh Jensen, NYS Assemblymember))
It’s across the state we’re seeing violent crime increase. And, what’s the reason for that? And my concern is… hit the summer months and the weather gets warmer, that’s only going to get worse.

The last scheduled day of session is June 10th.

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