(WHTM) – Less than one week from his only scheduled Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Debate with Republican Mehmet Oz, Democrat John Fetterman has released a one page letter from his doctor providing an update on his health months after suffering a stroke.

In the letter signed by Clifford Chen, MD., of UPMC, Fetterman is said to be “recovering well from his stroke and his health has continued to improve.”

The letter states that Fetterman’s physical exam was normal with blood pressure 116/72, heart rate 80, and pulse oximetry 97% on room air. His lipid profile was described as “excellent” and both his kidney and liver functions were normal.

Fetterman’s lungs were said to be clear, his heart rate was regular, and his strength was normal.

Despite using closed captioning for several recent interviews, Fetterman’s speech was described by his doctor as “normal” and that he “spoke intelligently without cognitive deficits.”

Fetterman’s doctor did acknowledge that the Lieutenant Governor continues to “exhibit symptoms of an auditory processing disorder which can come across as hearing difficulty.”

The letter also disclosed that Fetterman is regularly attending speech therapy since suffering his stroke. Fetterman is also said to be taking medications to prevent future strokes and optimize his heart condition and exercises routinely while walking four to five miles regularly.

Dr. Chen concluded the letter by saying Fetterman is “well and shows strong commitment to maintaining good fitness and health practices. He has no work restrictions and can work full duty in public office.”

The letter is the first update from Fetterman’s doctors since early in the general election season after he was hospitalized in May. Media outlets had called for Fetterman to release updated medial records with weeks left until the November 8 election.

Fetterman suffered the stroke on May 13, four days before he easily won his Democratic primary. His victory came hours after he underwent surgery to implant a pacemaker with a defibrillator. Three weeks after the stroke, Fetterman revealed that he had “almost died” and his cardiologist’s letter disclosed he had a serious and potentially fatal heart condition.

Oz also released a letter from his doctor in late September that described the former television personality as being in “excellent health.”

The letter noted that Oz has a total cholesterol level that is “borderline elevated” but can be addressed by diet, and referenced that in 2010 he had a polyp — a growth that sometimes can become cancerous — removed from his colon. An electrocardiogram — a test that records electrical signals in the heart to detect heart problems — came out normal.

Fetterman and Oz will attend an exclusive one hour debate on October 25 at the abc27 studio in Harrisburg. The debate will be available to watch on-air or streaming in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.