ALBANY, N.Y. (WTEN) — Tuesday is the big day. We’ll see if the future of New York leans blue or red. Our Capitol Correspondent Amal Tlaige took a look at Republican candidate for Governor, Congressman Lee Zeldin. 

During his campaigning,  Zeldin has pointed to crime being a major issue in New York. If he becomes Governor, Zeldin says he would immediately declare a crime state of emergency and remove Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg from his position for not punishing crime to the fullest extent of the law. “This isn’t about Republican versus Democrat this is about all of us uniting. The issue that I hear about a lot from New Yorkers is that they care about wanting to be able to feel safer on the streets,” said Zeldin at a press conference in the Bronx, Monday morning.

Part of Zeldins “Secure Our Streets” plan includes suspending Bail Reform and The Halt Act, which limits solitary confinement for incarcerated people to 15 days. Zeldin would also give judges more discretion when it comes to Raise The Age, a law that changed the age a child can be prosecuted as an adult from 16 to 18 years-old in criminal cases. 

Even though New York is one of the bluest of blue states, could the issue of crime turn New York red? “New Yorkers are not monolithic, you can’t just paint somebody who is a registered Democrat and say because they are a registered Democrat that that means that they are just going to vote, one particular way. That they don’t think for themselves, that they don’t have their own ideas…” said Zeldin.

New Yorker’s are also being hit with record high inflation. Zeldin says in order to make life in New York more affordable, he would cut taxes across the board, find savings from the Medicaid program and allow for fracking of gas in the Southern tier. “I believe that we should reverse the state’s ban on the safe extraction of natural gas, we should approve new pipeline applications that generate new jobs and revenue and to be able to revitalize communities and drive down energy costs. We need to bring spending under control in this state as well,” he said.

Early voting has ended, but you can still vote on election day, tomorrow. For more information on your polling site you can visit