BINGHAMTON, NY – A Nineveh man has been arrested after being found unconscious inside a vehicle located in a parking lot in Port Crane.

31 year-old Louis Muileri was found Wednesday around 4 in the afternoon when deputies were dispatched to check on the welfare of two people, Muileri and a woman, asleep inside a Honda parked at a Port Crane business.

Police discovered the vehicle was unregistered, uninsured and uninspected.

Witnesses said they saw Muileri driving the Honda earlier, and, upon speaking with him, police noticed signs of intoxication including bloodshot, droopy eyes and difficulty walking.

Mulieri did poorly on the field sobriety tests and it was later determined that he was driving while impaired by drugs, as he was found with two pills of the controlled substance, Dextroamphetamine.

Further investigation showed Mulieri did not have a license. The car was towed and he was taken to the Sheriff’s Office, where his condition worsened.

Mulieri was taken to Binghamton General where he lost consciousness and had to be revived.

He is charged with a number of things and is to appear in Court at a later date.