BINGHAMTON, NY – Mayor Jared Kraham announces a 2.9 million dollar plan to demolish 11 flood-prone properties on Upper Court Street on the East Side.

The City will use FEMA grand funds to acquire 12 flood-prone properties from interested and eligible owners.

Of that 2 point 9 million, 2.2 comes from the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, while the city is contributing over $700,000.

11 of the 12 properties contain a mix of commercial structures and paved areas.

In a release sent out Kraham stated “This project will make the East Side neighborhoods more resilient to flooding and provide much-needed relief to Upper Court Street property owners whose businesses sit in the floodplain and have been inundated with storm water in recent years.”

The properties are located on a half-mile stretch of Upper Court Street and they have all flooded repeatedly in recent years.