Pistol permit agreement made between New York and Pennsylvania


Pennsylvania and New York residents will soon be able to take pistols across state lines.

Broome County Sheriff Dave Harder and Susquehanna County Sheriff Lance Benedict announced an agreement Tuesday to allow the state-to-state transfer of pistols.

A Pennsylvania resident can request a permit if the applicant owns property or works in New York State and vice-versa.

Constituents from New York and Pennsylvania have been pushing for the measure so Harder an Benedict began discussing the idea in January.

He says the plan has gained a lot of interest but it’s been done before.

“It’s not something really new. It was being brought up more and more by residents of Pennsylvania. People traveling to New York State would like to bring their guns in and vice-versa. More and more people are into that now,” said Harder.

There are a few exceptions to the rule.

For example, if a resident applies for a permit to bring the pistol to their place of employment, it must stay on that property.

The agreement will start May 1st.

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