ENDWELL, NY – 2nd graders at Homer Brink Elementary got dose of what it was like to be a pharmacist, last week.

About 10 Binghamton University Pharmacy students visited Homer Brink and held a workshop for the entire 2nd grade.

The B-U students broke up into groups and spoke with the 2nd graders about what it takes to become a pharmacist, what pharmacists do, and the lifelong learning that comes with it.

The pharmacy students made the workshop as interactive as possible, answering any questions the kids had.

2nd year pharmacy student, Brady Wisniewski, says he enjoys doing activities like this.

“It’s really nice to come back and get to see all the kids and teach the kids about what I’m doing now and get to show them like I came from Maine-Endwell and I’m in this position. It’s kind of nice to come back and see the teachers that I know from my mom teaching here and just get to say hi to everybody,” says Wisniewski.

During the slide show presentation, kids got to play a game called candy versus medicine, where they had to look at 2 images and figure out which was which.

After that, students got to practice using the counting trays and count beads into a container.

Then they also got to make their own hand sanitizer using aloe, alcohol, and food coloring.