Moving with pets can present special problems. Planning ahead then is the key to effectively moving with your pets. Pets cannot be shipped on moving vans, however your mover can give you some good ideas on how to move your pet. If you decide to have your pet travel with you, make sure your pet wears a special identification tag that includes the pet’s name, your name, and a destination address, or that of a friend or relative in case you cannot be reached. Always use a leash if your pet is outside your car or hotel. If you decide to ship your pet by air, make arrangements ahead of time. Check with the airline to see if your pet can travel in a carrier that fits under an airplane seat, or if the pet must travel as air freight. You may want to consult with your veterinarian regarding mild sedation for your pet during the trip. If your move is across state lines, nearly every state has regulations for the entry of animals. For more detailed information on entry requirements, call or write the State Veterinarian, State Department of Animal Husbandry, or another appropriate authority. For more information on moving pets you may also want to speak with your local veterinarian.

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