OWEGO, NY – December 7th, 1941, otherwise known as the “date which will live in infamy.”

The Owego V-F-W held an event to honor Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day.

It took place in its Delmar Dale Sibley Memorial Hall, Sibley was a First Class Sea-man, from Owego and was killed in action aboard the Battleship U-S-S Arizona at 23 years old.

The event began at 12:55, which is the time Japan bombed Pearl Harbor.

Along with Sibley, 4 other Tioga County service men were stationed at Pearl Harbor that Sunday morning, those 4 survived and eventually returned home.

Linda Hyatt, daughter of Army Tech Sergeant Donald Stocks, says her family was very lucky he survived that attack.

“It was pretty scary, he was a cook and they were just finishing up breakfast duty when they heard the planes. Like everybody else, they thought they were U.S. planes and then they found out they were Japanese,” says Stocks.

Hyatt said that her father left the kitchen and picked up a rifle to fight back, and never talked much about that day when he returned home.

Speakers added that this ceremony is held each year in order to keep the memory of the attack alive and to honor the sacrifice made from the American Military in Hawaii that fateful day.