NIMMONSBURG, NY – (WIVT/WBGH) A neighborhood park in the Town of Chenango is getting a new, safer playground thanks to a collaboration between business, government and the community.

Employees from Peak Logix in Binghamton have been assembling a playset geared toward children ages 2 to 5 this week at Hider Park in Nimmonsburg. The project in the Chenango Shores neighborhood has been spearheaded by the Nimmonsburg Youth Association which operates youth sports leagues and organizes annual events for children. The expanded and updated playground also contains a playset for older kids, monkey bars, a swing set, playhouse, car and climbing tower. Nimmonsburg Youth Association President Brittany Marcello says the old playground was over 30 years-old and unsafe. She says children in the neighborhood are anxious to use the new equipment.

“Seeing the kids come down and want to peek at the equipment and beg to get on it is hard but I know that once it’s open and the kids are using it, it will be very excited to see it open and used,” said Marcello.

About 10 employees from Peak Logix are expected to complete the playset for the younger kids either today or tomorrow. The remainder of the equipment was assembled by Accuracy Construction. Peak Logix produces warehouse automation systems and the software to run them. Marketing Coordinator Sara Yezzi says they know how to put stuff together.

“We’re happy to be able to put our expertise to work here. Our parent company, Alta Material Handling, is very big in helping out in the communities that we live in,” said Yezzi.

Once the apparatus is complete, fall guard rubber mats will be installed over the gravel sometime in the next month. Marcello says the project is being paid for through a $70,000 Small Communities grant from Broome County, $60,000 from the Town of Chenango and $20,000 that the association raised through a can and bottle drive and individual and business donations.