GREAT BEND, PA (WIVT/WBGH) – It’s time once again to help determine whodunnit at a fundraiser hosted by Peaches and Crime.

The musical group with a theatrical flair is staging one of its “You Decide Homicide” performances this weekend at the Great Bend Hose Company.

Peaches and Crime writes all original songs and writes all original murder mysteries in the style of Prohibition era jazz and blues.

At 4 key points in the production, the master of ceremonies polls the audience to see how they would like to see events unfold going forward.

Founder and Lead Vocalist Angela Schwartz says the mystery in presented in the form of an old time radio drama complete with sound effects.

“We have a lot of comedy woven in even though it is, at the end of the day, a mystery. But it is also a comedy. Those are our fortes, mystery, music and comedy,” she said.

The show will feature 7 musicians, an emcee and one actor.

Money raised at the event will help the Great Bend Hose Company buy a new fire truck.

The performance is Saturday at 7 on a stage inside the fire station.

Tickets are 20 dollars and can be purchased at the door or at