BINGHAMTON, NY (WIVT/WBGH) – Community advocates gathered outside of the Federal Court Building in Binghamton to protest the war in Gaza.

Several peace advocacy groups held a non-violent protest to express their concern of the violence in the middle east, and to demand a ceasefire.

The groups gathered outside of the Federal Building to call on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and President Biden to stop sending weapons to Israel.

The protestors wore what they call “death masks”, and were holding shrouds to represent the children and innocent civilians that have died in the war.

The groups then climbed the stairs of the Federal Building and laid down in solidarity for the lives lost.

The organizer, Jack Gilroy says that he and many others were prepared to get arrested, if that meant getting their point across.

“By lying down, we’re doing a die in. Representing not only the children, but all the people of Gaza that have been killed, and of course, the people of Israel, the fourteen hundred that were killed by Hamas. All of these groups are saying together, we have a voice, one voice saying we will not accept this and we will do what we have to do, even if it means that we have to go to jail,” he said.

Gilroy says that there was only one officer on duty in the Federal Building, so no arrests were made.

He says that there will be several other demonstrations planned for the near future.