Part III of an in-studio interview with Bethann Shapiro Ord


There’s an old saying that goes, “Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.”

Now, phrased like that, it seems like it’s a bad thing.

However, repeating history doesn’t necessarily have to be negative.

New Binghamton University Head Women’s Basketball Coach Bethann Shapiro Ord knows firsthand about both the positives and negatives of history.

Now that she’s at B.U., she’ll use her previous experiences to, hopefully, help her find success in her new roll.

Coming off that historic team you talked about at Weber State, you were able to turn around a program that went 2-56 your first two years, including an 0-29 year. What was it like going from that, to having multiple 20-plus win seasons? Being able to see that transition?

“Well, obviously, it was rough the first few years. But, like I said, you just focus forward and you take one day at a time. You keep sticking to what you believe in, and just knowing there’s a process. Just like the process here with the girls getting to know me, and getting to know my system, figuring out what’s going to work best for us. But, I’m very proud of what we accomplished at Weber State and where I left it. You always want to leave a footprint, and I know I did that in every way. Not just wins, and losses, because I made history twice. But, also the diversity that I added to the Utah community, the Ogden community. And having the relationships in that community, I expect, and I want to, build on that here by getting out in the community and really embracing it. I’m very excited about that,” Shapiro Ord says.

Shapiro Ord will look to make her own history at Binghamton University.

Hear what her ultimate goal is for her time here at B.U. Wednesday at 11:00 pm on NewsChannel 34 Sports.

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